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Cambodian conference schedule

May 10-14 2004:

(all speeches and workshops are in Khmer unless otherwise noted)


0800: Buddhism& the Environment: Introduction by Va Moeurn, Director, Mlup Baitong
0830: Buddhist Ritual by Patriarchs of Cambodian Buddhism
0930: What is Environment? The Importance of Buddhism to the Environment by Monychenda Heng, Buddhism For Development.
1030: Examining the Role of Religious Communities in Development and their Partnerships with Secular Organisations. Joanne Robinson, ARC, and Nisha Agrawal, World Bank. In English.
1100: Lunch and informal discussions
1300: Reflections on the Study Tour. In groups, led by Kong Am, Mlup Baitong. In Khmer, Lao, Thai
1400: Communicating Through the Pagoda. Workshop led by: Zarah Jane Almeida, Mlup Baitong; Ven. Nikom; Ven. Samai; Tab Tim of Nimitri Centre. In Khmer, Lao, Thai
1700: Finish.


0800: The Role of Mlup Baitong: Va Moeurn, Director, Mlup Baitong.
0830: Experiences in Laos: Ven Vatthana Darasombath, Laos Buddhist Fellowship Organisation. In Laos.
0900: Informal gallery walk around NGO exhibition.
1000: Experiences in Myanmar. In English.
1030: Experiences in Thailand: Ven. Luang Ta Cher, Korat Forest Conservation Initiative. In Thai.
1100: Lunch
1400: Buddhism for Development - How Partnerships Work: Monychenda Heng.
1430: Buddhism for Development Kampuchea. An NGO within the pagoda: Ven Ly Khom, Buddhism for Development Kampong Thom.
1500: CWS: Partnering the Pagoda.
1530: Spirit in Education, the Pagoda and the NGO. Ven. Kittisak, SEKIYA DHAMMA and Chokdee Poralkanon, WWF Thailand. In Thai
1700: Finish.


0800: Panel Discussion: What NGOs look for in partnerships: Va Moern and Amanda Bradley, Mlup Baitong; Joanne Robinson and Tara Lewis, ARC; Nisha Agrawal, World Bank; Monychenda Heng, BFD. In English
Practical Training in Accountability, Transparency, Sustainability and Fundraising. Led by VBNK Training Institute for Managers of Organisations working for the Development of Cambodia.
1100: Lunch
1400: Practical Training continued, led by VBNK and Ven. Ly Khom of BFDK.
1700: Finish.


0800: Buddhist Ritual led by Patriarch Ven. Tep Vong and Ven. Bour Kry.
0900: What One Monk Can Do: Building capacity: Ven. So Pheap of Prey Vieng Province and Director of COFAP.
0930: Group discussions on how to implement ideas: Kong Am, Mlup Baitong.
1000: Future Strategies for Collaboration, World Bank. Nisha Agrawal. In English
1100: Lunch.
1300: A future for the Sangha Network: Va Moeurn, Mlup Baitong, Joanne Robinson ARC. In Khmer and English.
1500: Meetings with the press.


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May 5 2004:
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June 24, 2004:
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