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Happy Sikh Environment Week

March 12, 2012:

Guru Har Rai could not hurt animals or flowers - it is his birthday that Sikhs have chosen to celebrate the environment

More than 400 Sikh gurdwaras (temples), schools and businesses have registered to take part in the second Sikh Environment Day, and this number is rising quickly.

Please link here to register your gurdwara, school, organisation or family to make an eco action this week.

Sikh Environment Day was created by EcoSikh, an organisation that stemmed from ARC's work with UNDP and leading Sikhs to help them make long-term plans to help Sikhs protect the living planet for many generations to come. There are three main programmes: as well as Sikh Environment Day, EcoSikh is helping Amritsar, the home of the Golden Temple, become a greener pilgrimage city, and is creating guidebooks and assistance for gurdwaras around India and the diaspora to become greener.

EcoSikh have created a running total of just some of the participants, and their intentions for this week of Sikh Environment Day and Sikh Vatavaran Diwas 2012. Link here to read more.

Activities include pledges by young people in schools and colleges, Sikh media dedicating whole programmes to the subject, kirtan on nature, lectures, and the internet portal Sikhnet loading up some lovely stories, as text and audio, about how the seventh Sikh guru loved animals and flowers so much he could not hurt them.

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March 12, 2012:
Happy Sikh Environment Week
Hundreds of Sikh gurdwaras, schools and organisations have signed up to celebrate Sikh Environment Week - around the March 14 birthday of the Seventh Guru, who cultivated gardens and could not hurt animals.