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Deadline for Community Conservation Funding

November 15, 2010:

If your local town or parish council, voluntary or community sector, school or health body is looking to kick start a new initiative, there are just nine more days to apply for the Big Lottery’s Community Wildlife programme.

With grants of up to £10, 000 available, the Fund is looking to support innovative schemes that engage local community in wildlife and habitat conservation. From community gardening to nature trails, if their new plan encourages your neighbours to get healthy and active by engaging with their surroundings and learning about the environment, you can visit for more information or contact 0845 367 0610 or email

Whilst you’re at it, why not apply to Grassroots Grants? Community-focused, the trust is dispersed throughout the UK to provide small voluntary projects with up to £5000. If your idea encourages community citizenship, safeguards vulnerable people or enables economic contribution, you have until 23 November to get your application in.

Make sure that you can prove an income of no more than £30,000 per annum, that the group is voluntary led and has been going for at least a year. Each county has its own Grassroots Grant fund, so contact your local council for more information.

Caring for God’s Acre has brought out its new Churchyard and Burial Ground Action Pack. The information pack consists of 23 inspirational guides covering how to start a churchyard or burial ground project, how to manage the scheme and how to maintain a natural, healthy environment. For more information on churchyard and burial ground schemes, please read about ARC's Living Churchyard initiatives here.

Available in hard copy, complete with a file and plastic wallets, the Churchyard and Burial Grounds Action Pack can be purchased for £16.50 including P&P from Caring for God's Acre, 6 West Street, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8ES, or downloaded for free from their website.

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