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African faith resources

African faith resources

Launch of the Long-Term Plan on the environment developed by Humanitarian Efforts and Relief Uganda (HEAR Uganda) and Uganda Muslim Youth Assembly (UMYA), August 5, 2012

As part of their development of long-term action plans to protect the environment, faith groups in Africa have produced a host of resources, declarations, sermons and pastoral letters looking at our responsibility to care for Creation. We've collected a few of them here.

Kenyan Episcopal Conference

In a pastoral letter to Kenya's nearly nine million Catholics, bishops called on them to care for God's creation. Inspired by Genesis 1.31 - "...God saw all he had made, and indeed it was very good" - the letter from the Kenyan Episcopal Conference said the Church was committed to promoting environmental care from a faith point of view.

"We need to integrate the practice with our faith: through catechesis, homilies, Christian songs, poems and dramas and all the literature that can promote the care of the environment and a Christian obligation and priority," the letter said.

Download the letter here.

Protestant Council of Churches of Rwanda

The Protestant Council of Churches of Rwanda has issued an inspiring Theological Charter on the environment. The Charter came about after heads of churches, decentralised committees and church-related organisations met in a two-day conference in Kigali, Rwanda. Download it here.

Presbyterian Church in Cameroon

In June 2012, the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon preached two sermons on the environment. Rev Chewachong Amos chose ‘The Crises of Ecology and Christian Faith’ as his theme, while Rev Titatang Kingsley’s theme was ‘Hearing God’s Word’.

Click here for ‘The Crises of Ecology and Christian Faith’ and here for ‘Hearing God’s Word’.

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