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The Protestant Council of Rwanda

TThe Protestant Council of Rwanda is one of 26 Christian, Muslim and Hindu faith groups in sub-Saharan Africa that launched its long-term environmental action plan at ARC's Many Heavens, One Earth, Our Continent Celebration in Nairobi, Kenya, in September 2012.

About the Church

The Protestant Council of Rwanda (CPR) was created in 1963 and is an organisation of 19 member churches and four associated local Christian Organisations.

Member churches involved in this project are the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda, the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, the 7th Day Adventist Church, the Free Methodist Church, Baptist Union Church, the Association of Baptist Churches, Nazarene Church, Lutheran Church, Evangelical Church of Friends, the Salvation Army and the nine Dioceses of the Anglican Church in Rwanda.

Christians make up 96% of Rwanda’s population. Together CPR members have 1,081 parishes and 2.5 million members in 134 districts. They run 220 secondary schools, 595 primary schools, as well as hospitals and health centres, and 7,050 associations (including women’s and youth).

Long-term Commitment for a Living Planet

Twenty CPR member churches are involved in this project and the seven-year plan was developed through a two-day workshop with 56 representatives from all church groups (including women’s associations and youth associations).

Its major objective is to mobilise pastors and the Christian community to protect the environment for sustainable development in Rwanda, and to establish tree planting in parishes.

Main activities

These include proposals to:

  • Conduct 15 seminars per year in order to train 10,500 pastors, youth and women in the Church on climate change and environmental degradation;
  • Establish 15 tree nurseries, including fruit tree nurseries;
  • Plant one million trees per year, in open spaces starting with church land. 10,000 trees should be planted per parish in three years;
  • Organise permanent special programmes to raise awareness on the environment on the new CPR radio station, Inkoramutima.

    More information

    To read a summary of the CPR's plans, click here. To read the full plan, click here.

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