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ARC / World Bank Alliance | Aims of the Faiths and Biodiversity project

ARC and the World Bank: Faiths and Biodiversity

Red dots indicate ARC/WB projects

The World Bank's Faiths and Biodiversity projects involve working with faiths and their networks in places where there is a link between biodiversity and poverty alleviation. Work with ARC began in 2002 with support from the World Bank/Netherlands Partnership Program. The aim was to help develop community-based projects in Asian countries. The lessons from these projects are now being incorporated into mainstream World Bank work through consultations for projects, programs and policies.

This pioneering partnership challenges many stereotypes both about the World Bank and about the world's religions.

ARC/World Bank Publications

* Link here to download the World Bank's latest publication with ARC, titled Faiths and the Environment, published in 2006. This is a very large, 6MB file.

* Listening to the Earth is an environmental audit handbook created by the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, Pennsylvania and by ARC, designed to guide low income rural communities in Latin America make a step by step assessment of their current practices, and move progressively toward "living lightly on the earth". It is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish

* Link here for ARC's first major publication with the World Bank, titled Faith in Conservation, 2003, full of stories about programmes.

ARC/World Bank projects

The Benedictines have published this environmental audit guide in Spanish, English and Portuguese, for use by rural poor communities.
The Asian Buddhist Network co-ordinates Buddhist-based projects in Mongolia, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.
• Link here for details of Christian projects in Indonesia, including work with the Toraja and Batak church.
• Link here
for information about our Timor Verde project in East Timor.
• Link here for information about how evangelical Christians in PNG have opened an active centre for theology and ecology.
• Link here for details of our projects with Benedictine communities around the world, including monasteries in Africa, Latin America and Lake Erie.
• Link here to link to the World Bank's Faith and Diversity home page.

How did the ARC / World Bank Alliance start?

What are the aims of the Faiths and Biodiversity project?

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