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The Bhumi Project

The Bhumi Project

The Bhumi Project is a worldwide Hindu response to environmental issues facing our planet.

Its purpose is to educate, inspire, inform, and connect Hindus and non-Hindus concerned with these issues. It is the only central hub of information about Hindu environmental projects around the world; and aims to provide publicity, financial support and scriptural backing to such projects in order to maximize their impacts.

The Bhumi Project takes the form of a Hindu Nine Year Plan which can be adopted in any country at any time. There are a series of short and long term initiatives which aim to educate people about Hindu views on the environment and to provide by practical steps they can take in their daily lives (and also specifically within Hindu worship) to have a positive impact on the environment. The plan has begun in the UK and work is underway to ensure that it extends globally. These initiatives include:

  • Courses on compassionate living
  • Temple Energy Efficiency and Building Survey Packs
  • Ethical Investment Recommendations
  • Cruelty Free Milk Video and Online Lessons and Courses
  • Bhumi Awards to recognize good environmental practice
  • Environmental Scriptural Research Lectures
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Hindu Labeling Scheme
  • Temple Garden Scheme
  • Green Festivals
  • Green Pilgrimages

The Project has been facilitated by the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, in partnership with ARC and backed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It was officially launched at the Windsor Celebration of the Faith Commitments for a Living Planet in November 2009.

The strength of the project is its ability to take a positive approach to a widely recognized problem and empower people to make small yet meaningful and sustainable changes in line with their own beliefs. Religions enjoy a unique opportunity to reach people at a grassroots level and implement small behavioural changes, but on a regular basis.

With a Hindu population of 900 million worldwide including up to 15 million in the diaspora, Hindu communities could become an important voice in addressing environmental issues.

Part of the Bhumi plan involves introducing faith-consistent dairy farming techniques - including recommending organic milk as the minimum purchasing standard
It is also highly flexible, meaning that the Nine Year Plan is constantly re-examined as the project extends, in order to maximize its relevance to each individual community.

From His Royal Highness Prince Phillip

I hope that the 'Bhumi Project' will have a galvanising effect on the whole Hindu Community world wide. The increasing involvement of Hindus in the conservation of the world's natural environment is greatly welcomed, but for it to be really effective, people need to understand the full extent of the influence of human activities on our planet Earth.


The Hindu Nine Year Plan

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Bhumi Project Leaflet - Green Temple

Bhumi Project Leaflet - Compassionate Living


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