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ARC projects score a double with the Church Times

November 4, 2014:

ARC authors Susie Weldon and Sue Campbell were delighted when the Church Times newspaper devoted a two-page spread to a section from their recently published book 'Faith In Food - changing the world one meal at a time'. They were even more pleased that the focus of the feature was Faithful Farming, an ARC project in sub-Saharan Africa with which they are both involved.

In its October 24, 2014 edition the newspaper linked stories about how Christians and Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa are using faith-based conservation agriculture techniques under the headline 'A bountiful harvest grown in faith’. They included Christians in Kenya being trained in Farming God’s Way, a Christian approach, and Muslims in Uganda attending workshops in Islamic Farming.

"We were thrilled!"

"We were thrilled that they featured the book and this important work," Sue Campbell said. "We initially launched the Christian farming programme but then e developed Islamic Farming with (partner organisation) Global One 2015 after our Muslim faith partners asked: ‘Why isn’t there a faith-based approach to farming for us?’"

Kenyan farmer Simeon with the cabbages he grows using Farming God's Way
Whether Christian or Muslim, the heart of Faithful Farming is the understanding that the theological tradition of each faith actually encourages sustainable land management practices. The reward for following this understanding in practice is an impressive increase in yield even - perhaps especially - in dry climates: hence the Church Times article's title 'A Bountiful Harvest Grown In Faith'.

The timing of the article could not have been more appropriate, either, coming on World Food Day, a celebration marked by a declaration from African faith leaders saying that "scaling up faith-based approaches to agriculture was one of the most important steps we can take to fulfill our religious duty to care for God’s creation" while also caring for the poor and vulnerable.


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