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Photo gallery

Link here to access photographs of ARC's work and programmes.

Radio Podcasts

ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer is regularly called upon to contribute to BBC radio programmes on topics relating to religion and conservation. These broadcasts are often available as podcasts from the BBC website.

The link here will take you to our podcast page where you can find further links to many of the programmes to which Martin has contributed.

ARC videos

Here is a selection of recent ARC-related videos. To see other, older videos please click here.

Recent ARC videos

November 2013: EcoSikh - Four Years of Journeying is a nine-minute film that captures in photographs and film footage the remarkable growth of the international environmental organisation EcoSikh since it waqs launched in 2009. The film's narration tells the story of that growth as well as explaining the deep-rooted love for nature that has been part of the Sikh tradition since the time of Guru Har Rai ji, the seventh guru.

December, 2012: During a visit to the USA ARC Secretary General Martin Palmer was invited to give a talk to the Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. The event was co-ordinated by ARC's partner organisation The Tributary Fund who made this video recording of Martin's one hour presentation entitled 'Stories from the World: Many Heavens, One Earth'.

September 2012: ARC created a short video of our Many Heavens, One Earth, Our Continent celebration in Nairobi, Kenya, where 27 faith groups launched long-term plans on the environment. Click here to see it full-screen on Vimeo.

ARC-Africa-Faith-Commitments-short from ARC on Vimeo.

And if you'd like even more details about what our faith partners are doing, here's a longer version (20 minutes).

ARC - African Faith Commitments for a Living Planet from ARC on Vimeo.

February, 2012: In the arid northern region of Ghana trees not only provide much needed food, fodder and firewood but also have the potential to improve incomes and generate new business opportunities. In February 2012, thanks to funding from the Norwegian Government, ARC and international conservation charity Tree Aid jointly ran an aggro-forestry workshop for faith groups, held in Tamale, Ghana. The three-day event was attended by representatives of many Christian and Muslim organisations. Click on the link below to watch a short video (with a great musical soundtrack!) that gives the flavour of the workshop:

Ghana Agroforestry Workshop from ARC on Vimeo.

There's more information about the workshop here.

November 2011: Every year during the Hajj (pilgrimage) to Makkah Muslims commemorate the story of Hajjar, second wife of the prophet Ibrahim, and her search for water in the desert. This delightful cartoon Islam and Water was commissioned by the Islamic environmental organisation Global One to help children understand the significance of the story in the context of contemporary environmental issues.

Videos from the ARC Windsor event, 2009

In November 2009 27 faith groups presented their long-term plans for environmental action at 'Many Heavens, One Earth', a celebration held at Windsor Castle in the presence of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, United Nations Secretary General HE Ban Ki Moon and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Olav Kjørven.

May 17, 2010: A short video of the ARC/UNDP Windsor event, including segments from the launch of the Long Term Plans at Windsor Castle, the speech by HE Ban Ki-moon, speeches by some of the faith leaders, and the march of the faiths.

March 30, 2010: There are moments in every faith tradition, where nature speaks. This dance celebrates the moment, in the oldest Hindu text, Rig Veda, when the universe comes into being. It was performed at Windsor Castle in November 2009 by Anusha Subramanyan, as part of a series of performances celebrating the launch of more than 30 plans by nine different religious communities and leaders to protect Creation.

March 29, 2010: There are moments in every faith tradition, where nature speaks. This dance celebrates the moment, in the oldest Hindu text, Rig Veda, when the universe comes into being. It was also performed at Windsor Castle in November 2009 by Anusha Subramanyan. This is uploaded in large format. Please click here for the mobile phone version.

UBrain TV

ARC has developed a partnership with the independent TV production company UBrainTV, a Japan-UK collaboration that brings the worlds of science, religion and the environment together. UBrainTV has a video channel dedicated to faiths, belief and the environment. Here are links to some of the many ARC related videos that UBrain has made:

A short lecture by ARC's director, Martin Palmer, talking about how this is not the first time that the planet has faced huge ecological issues.

And for two more biographical videos from Martin Palmer about his life in the world of religion and conservation link here and here.

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June 18, 2013:
Martin Palmer discusses the spiritual significance of water in BBC podcast
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