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Can you summarise Sustainable Education in 90 seconds?

July 6 2009:

A sustainable school run by the Hindu Food for Life Programme in Vrindavan, India. Photo: ARC

In a competition being run by UNESCO this month to explain education for sustainable development (ESD), the competition organisers give three examples of inspirational sustainable teaching. And one of them is from the faiths.

ESD "can mean different things to different people," write the UNESCO organisers. "It could be your favorite teacher who started a community garden in school, a pastor whose sermons inspire you to work for a greener future, or a member of your community who advocates for gender equality and literacy."

ARC is delighted to see that the faiths are being included in the list, and we would encourage faith communities to participate in the competition.

What is Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)?

It means using education as a tool to achieve sustainability and create a better world.

Can you describe it, in an interesting way, in 90 seconds?

UNESCO invites you to share your vision of ESD in a short video clip, maximum 90 seconds, and send it to them before July 28 2010. The winner will receive a Sony HDR-CX-116 Camescope Full HD.

For more information link here.

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July 6 2009:
Can you summarise Sustainable Education in 90 seconds?
Can you share your vision of sustainable education in 90 seconds? UNESCO's new video competition gives faith inspiration as an example.
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