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Long-term plans | List of Faith Commitments including Seven-Year Plans | Latest news on the Seven-Year Plans | Aspects of Seven-Year Plans | Guidance on preparing a Seven-Year Plan

List of Faith Commitments including Seven-Year Plans

To date, more than 50 faith action plans on the environment have been created, with the first 31 launched at the Windsor Event Many Heavens, One Earth from November 2-4, 2009. In addition, the Cambodian Buddhists, Mongolian Buddhists, Maronite Church in Lebanon, Orthodox Church in Russia, Scottish Eco-Congregations and CAFOD committed to creating their own long term commitments by the end of 2010.

In September 2012, 27 Christian, Muslim and Hindu plans from sub-Saharan Africa, were launched at the Many Heavens, One Earth, Our Continent celebration in Nairobi, Kenya. To download the conference booklet including summaries of all the long term commitments presented click here.

Use the links below to read the full texts of these long term commitments and click here to read about different "apects" of them.


Baha'i Seven Year Plan.


*APRIL 2011* Mongolian Buddhist Eight Year Plan in English and Mongolian .

Shanghai Buddhist Eight Year Plan in English.


*SEPTEMBER 2012* Anglican Church of Southern Africa, South Africa Seven Year Plan.

Armenian Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Bukoba Catholic Diocese, Tanzania Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, Church of Uganda Seven Year Plan.

CAFOD (Catholic Agency For Overseas Development) Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, Nigeria Seven Year Plan.

Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales Seven Year Plan.

Catholic Coalition on Climate Change Seven Year Plan.

Catholic Earthcare Australia Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Centre for Social Justice and Ethics (AMECEA) Seven Year Plan.

Church of England Seven Year Plan (launched at Lambeth by the Archbishop of Canterbury on October 29).

Church of Norway Ten Year Plan.

Church of South India Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Development and Social Services Commission Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Seven Year Plan.

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Seven Year Plan.

Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Full Gospel Churches of Kenya Seven Year Plan.

Franciscans Seven Year Plan.

Greek Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Greek Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa Seven Year Plan.

Jesuit Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Kenya Episcopal Conference, the Catholic Church in Kenya Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Methodist Church in Kenya Seven Year Plan.

New Psalmists Baptist Church Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Seven Year Plan.

Orthodox Church of Poland Seven Year Plan.

Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa Seven Year Plan.

Presbyterian Church of Cameroon Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Presbyterian Church of East Africa, Kenya Seven Year Plan .

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Protestant Council of Churches of Rwanda Seven Year Plan.

Quaker Seven Year Plan.

Religious Organisations Along the River (ROAR) Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* The United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe Seven Year Plan.

Vineyard Evangelical Seven Year Plan.


Daoist Eight Year Plan in English.

Daoist Eight Year Plan in Chinese.


Hindu Nine Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Bhumi Africa: Treading lightly on Mother Earth Seven Year Plan.


Jewish Seven Year Plan.


*SEPTEMBER 2012* Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Greening Initiatives, Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and Uganda Muslim Women Association Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Green Top – Tree Planting Project: Humanitarian Efforts and Relief Uganda (HEAR Uganda) and Uganda Muslim Youth Assembly (UMYA) Seven Year Plan.

Muslim Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA) Seven Year Plan.

*SEPTEMBER 2012* Qadiriyyah Movement, Nigeria Seven Year Plan
*SEPTEMBER 2012* Sammaniya Sufi Sect, Sudan Seven Year Plan.


Shinto Long Term Commitment.


EcoSikh Seed Plan and EcoSikh Guidebook for generational change.

Other and Interfaith

Green Faith Seven Year Plan.

Interfaith Power & Light Five Year Plan

Operation Noah Seven Year Plan.

Further proposals and partnerships

As well as the 30 plus long-term plans formally launched at Windsor by nine of the world’s major faiths – Baha’ism, Buddhism, Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism and Sikhism – dozens of further proposals or partnerships were developed during the event.

The new plans included announcements from the Russian Orthodox Church, Mongolian Buddhists (through Gandan monastery), Cambodian Buddhists, Lebanese Maronite Church and EcoCongregation Scotland, on behalf of the Church of Scotland, that they would be working to create their own long term plan. Other proposals and pledges included:

• The British Council – through David Viner, head of its Climate Change programme, pledging the British Council’s support in working with religious programmes on the environment and climate change, throughout its 165+ offices in more than 100 countries worldwide;

• Dr Azza Karam, of the United Nations Family Planning Association, pledged to expand further the work the UNFPA is undertaking with faith-based NGOs throughout its 120 country offices and five regional offices.

• The Shinto, through Jinja Honjo, announced that their commitment to develop a religious forestry standard had received backing from several of the faiths; an executive committee is be established with the Maronites, the World Council of Churches and ARC represented alongside the Shinto;

• Building on their eco-twinning partnership formally launched on Monday, the All Africa Conference of Churches and US-based Interfaith Power and Light announced a new commitment of co-operation to support new environmental projects run by the churches in Africa.

• British Muslims announced that 1,500 mosques, with the first 100 eco-friendly mosques by 2010, and some 115 Islamic schools in the UK would go green; they had also, overnight, bought a plot of land in London to develop a community wood;

• The Montana, US-based Tributary Fund pledged to increase its work with religious communities worldwide; projects include working with rural clergy in Montana, monks in Mongolia, and Bhutan;

• Fletcher Harper of US-based GreenFaith announced the establishment of an interfaith internet group to help faith communities develop websites;

• The Hua Shan Management Bureau, supported by the Shaanxi Provincial Government and with the full support of the Chinese government, will provide one million RMB to fund the next meeting of the religious forestry standard to discuss theologies of the land and sacred landscapes, including forests, in Shaanxi in 2010.

• The Hindu, Jewish and Baha’i communities formed a partnership to work on community supported agriculture.

In addition there were discussions about developing networks between pilgrimage cities, faiths continuing to work with the World Bank, Marine Stewardship Council, Soil Association and others, and a great deal of interest in faiths helping each other develop effective communications strategies and presence, in terms of their environmental outreach.

We will announce new commitments and partnerships as they are confirmed: and if you know of any more, then please let us know at


Latest News on Long Term Faith Commitments - 5, 7, 8 and 9 Year Plans.

Latest Guidelines to the Long Term Commitments for a Living Planet (this is a 2MB document).

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18 February, 2010:
African leaders pledge eco action
Muslim and Christian religious leaders from all over Africa met this month in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to talk about the environment and how they can adapt to climate change.
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18 February, 2010:
African leaders pledge eco action
Muslim and Christian religious leaders from all over Africa met this month in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, to talk about the environment and how they can adapt to climate change.