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Long-term plans | List of Faith Commitments including Seven-Year Plans | Latest news on the Seven-Year Plans | Aspects of Seven-Year Plans | Guidance on preparing a Seven-Year Plan

Guidance on preparing a Seven-Year Plan

The guidance document Many Heavens, One Earth includes examples of the long-term plans presented at Windsor in 2009.

Any faith group wishing to make a commitment to caring for the environment faces a daunting challenge. There is much to be done at every level, from the very local to the truly global.

Some communities may have access to resources that others cannot realistically achieve, while the priorities and possibilities for action will vary enormously according to where in the world the faith group is located.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an aid to helping interested groups be clear about what undertaking a seven-year plan would mean for their organisation, ARC prepared answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions on this subject.


To help groups focus on what they can achieve and what should be included in their seven-year plans ARC prepared comprehensive guidance that looked at seven key areas that a plan should consider. These areas are:

Downloadable guidance document

You can download all this guidance as the single PDF format document Many Heavens, One Earth. Please note, however, that this is a 2mb size document and may take some time to download.

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In November 2009, ARC and UNDP joined together to create an extraordinary event. The celebration, titled Many Heavens, One Earth at Windsor Castle in November 2009 launched 31 long-term commitments to environmental action by nine major faiths worldwide.
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