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Valuesquest programme 2014-2015 | Culture, Creativity and Values | Club of Rome: ValuesQuest

ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values

ValuesQuest 2016

2014 update

In a society which enshrines data and the mind, ValuesQuest is an important and unique initiative designed to examine and focus the values and narratives that instill the world with meaning in order to enrich and stimulate the creation of the kind of world we want to live in.

Led by ARC and the Club of Rome, ValuesQuest's The Culture, Creativity and Values programme will contribute to the creation of the UN’s Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, which will take over from the Millennium Development Goals in guiding the earth’s communities towards a safe and sustainable future for all.

We invite you to come to the UN website World We Want and we look forwards to hearing your comments.

In his letter, Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary General of the UN, writes; “this initiative seeks to mobilize the key values-based and shaping constituencies of the Arts, Faiths, Media, Science and Sports to engage in the global conversation about the next development agenda and enrich the discussion around its content and how to turn it into reality.”

Whereas the goal of a sustainable future has traditionally been approached from the perspective of economics and politics, which draw their authority from emotional-divorced data, The Culture, Creativity and Values programme will make a vital shift towards examining and working with the values and narratives that shape our existence. By adopting this unique outlook, it will engage with the fundamental meaning structures that rule our lives. In this way, it will take the issues faced by the contemporary world outside of their traditional intellectual framing into an emotional and value based perspective. This will enable people to be personally involved and motivate a wider, global and multi-cultural audience. In this way the initiative will not only inspire and motivate the how of changing the world, but will address the question of why we want to.

Drawing on the major values-based sectors of society, the Arts, Faiths, Media, Science and Sports, the initiative will work with key representatives of each to better understand their underlying values and how to use these to inspire communities towards the positive changes needed to ensure a safe and prosperous 21st century.

Secretary General of ARC, Martin Palmer, welcomes the initiative. “Never before has the UN explicitly asked the major values and story telling cultures of the world to help it think through, not just what should be done to create a better world, nor just how that can be done, but more fundamentally why.”
“This initiative will build upon the huge voluntary and passionate commitment of billions of people working to create a better world through their faiths, through the arts, through sport, through the engagement of the media and through understanding science as one of the great narrative forces of the world.”

Events will act as the physical culmination points of the process, in which the different sectors will come together to share ideas and insights in bringing clarity to the role of values and understanding the new narrative for the 21st Century. The first of these events will take place in Ise, Japan, in June 2014 where Olav Kjørven will formally launch ValuesQuest.

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June 4, 2014:
ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values Launched at Ise by Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary General of the UN
ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values Launched at Ise by Olav Kjørven, Assistant Secretary General of the UN
Club of Rome: ValuesQuest
An exciting collaboration between ARC and the international think tank the Club of Rome to discover the values that are needed to ensure a safe, just and sustainable future for the world.
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A major gathering of ARC partners in Japan from May 31 to June 5, 2014, will be hosted at the Grand Shrine of Ise by Jinja Honcho in partnership with ARC.