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Pilgrimage | Walsingham pilgrimage trail | The Cistercian Way | Cistercian Way map | Words along the Cistercian Way | Story of a 20th century shrine | Shropshire’s Orthodox monastery

Pilgrimage trails and shrines

Walking the new stretch of the Walsingham pilgrimage

As far back as we know, in all faiths and cultures, people have celebrated sacred places, created wayside shrines, and made long and often arduous pilgrimages.

Sometimes we all need to step outside our normal lives and familiar patterns and go on a journey. And when we come back, if it has been a pilgrimage, we will be able to see the ordinariness of our lives as extraordinary and special once again.

This part of the Sacred Land project not only celebrates the past, it also makes sure there will be pilgrimage routes and places for people to visit well into the future.

• At Walsingham in Norfolk the local community re-directed part of the famous pilgrimage trail away from the busy main road. Find out more

• In Wales a group of walkers connected all 16 Cistercian Abbeys in one long pilgrimage trail which is set to open in 2008 as the longest footpath in Wales. Find out more

• At Abercynon an almost forgotten Welsh Lourdes is being re-discovered. Find out more

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January 15, 2004:
Welsh local authorities pledge to create Cistercian Way
After nearly five years of discussions, the longest footpath in Wales is about to become a reality - opening up ancient spiritual sites and monastic pathways to modern pilgrims and walkers.
Huichol people protect ancient pilgrimage route
The most sacred site for the Huichol in Mexico includes key parts of the Chihuahuan Desert. They regard it as a huge natural temple. ARC has worked with the Huichol and local NGO CHAC to help protect it.
The lost sutras of Mongolia
Mongolian Buddhist tradition marked out sacred landscapes, where animals and vegetation were protected