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Green resources

Green resources

The Green Pilgrimage Network now has its own very useful website.

This page has not been updated since June 2014.

One of the most exciting and supportive aspects of the Green Pilgrimage Network is the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and knowledge with like-minded people. While each GPN member has their own unique situation to deal with, nevertheless many of the issues that confront them have been tackled elsewhere and it can be inspiring to hear about these successful and practical actions.

The regular newsletters are a good way to find out more about the experiences of GPN members.

Other resources that GPN members have found useful are listed below.

Useful on-line resources

Indonesian pilgrims use the Green Hajj Guide questionnaire to check their environmental impact.

Strategic planning

Cities of the Future lots of examples of green action from a Norwegian Government initiative to reduce greenhouse gases and make cities better places to live.

Earth Day Green Cities Initiative a range of resources around planning and energy use in an urban context.


Green Pilgrimage Handbook The GPN handbook offers a good basic overview of issues in greening up faith buildings, including many examples of good ideas put into practice from the GPN network.

Green Up My Community A lively guidebook for mosques and Islamic organisations

GreenFaith Certification Programme The US based interfaith organisation GreenFaith offers a two-year environmental leadership programme for houses of worship

Daoist Ecological Temple Handbook This handbook includes relevant Daoist teachings as well as guidance about green changes to temples.

Green Sanctuary Manual published by the Unitarian Universalist Association in the USA the manual shows in detail the processes of introducing green thinking, making plans and carrying out actions to achieve change.

Green Gurdwara This highly detailed design manual was created for Gurdwaras all over India but is an immensely useful technical support for any faith group.

Environmental Guidelines for Karma Kagyu Buddhist Monasteries, Centres and Communities created for Buddhists by the Karmapa, Ogyen Drodul Trinley Dorje, in partnership with Dekila Chungyalpa from WWF International, the advice and information in this thorough document is largely applicable to everyone.

Cool Congregations Start-Up Kit A toolkit of ideas from the US Interfaith Power and Light programme aimed at faith groups wanting to play their part in reducing global warming.

Faith and Nature The second half of this accessible booklet from Singapore has a number of straightforward checklists to promote effective green action.

Garbage collectors gather the waste left by pilgrims at the 2013 Kumbh Mela in Allahabad
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) This is an internationally recognised green building certification scheme from the US

The Livesimply Award recognises Catholic parishes that have taken practical steps to green their activities.

Waste management

Low Carbon Lifestyles is a fact-packed trainers resource about practical ways to reduce day-to-day energy consumption produced by UNDP.

UNEP Low Emission Development Strategies offers resources to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas.


Sustainable Energy - without the hot air downloadable book by David JC McKay that covers the whole subject of energy.

The Covenant of Mayors an EU-wide movement of local authorities committing to increased energy efficiency and use of renewables.


Drink Tap! downloadable posters and fact sheets about bottled water from Islamic youth organisation MADE in Europe

Animations for children made by Faith Regen, a UK-based Islamic organisation and frequent partner with ARC

Islam and Water a booklet for Muslims looking at the Islamic theology of water.


Fairtrade in Islam downloadable poster from MADE in Europe

A Jewish Guide to Fairtrade a thorough Q&A style booklet covering all aspects of food production and purchasing.

Hazon Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) the US Jewish website Hazon encourages Jewish communities to set up or join CSA projects with local farmers.


Islamic Farming a toolkit for conservation agriculturere in line with Islamic theology created by ARC projects in East Africa.

Abraham Path website this website associated with a walking route through the Middle East is a great model for planning pilgrimage consciously and with respect for the environment.

Pollinator Protection downloadable faith-specific leaflets explaining the huge significance of pollinating insects and animals and the ways we can promote their well-being wherever we live.

Young sikhs campaigning for tree planting during Sikh Environment Day, 2013
Water, ecology and the Jordan River a range of faith specific resources from Friends of the Earth Middle East raising awareness of the environmental needs of a heavily visited river held sacred by Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.


Sikh Environment Day resources and ideas developed by EcoSikh

A Greener Festival Environmental self-assessment form for public events

Green Festivals and Events Guidea ‘how to’ handbook from Canadian NGO the ICARUS Foundation

Organising sustainable international events ARC’s partner ICLEI devised this practical guide to minimise the impact of meetings and events gathered in Brussels.

Wisdom, education, awareness

Green Maps The Green Map organisation have devised a set of universal symbols that allow mapping of the green assets of any area to help raise environmental awareness and celebrate nature.

Green Guide for Hajj This important booklet incorporates Islamic theology as well as practical advice to help Muslim pilgrims reduce the environmental impact of their trip to Makkah

Green Hajj Facebook page This is a good example of how social media can be used to spread your message wider and remind people to take good care of nature.

Hazon The Jewish organisation Hazon is committed to putting sustainability at the heart of Jewish culture.

The Bhumi Project This ARC partner organisation connects Hindus around the world interested in service to Mother Earth.

Faith Based Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit a resource developed with ARC partners in East Africa providing teachers with lesson plans, information and inspiration to teach ESD from a faith-based perspective.

Shoghakat TV Broadcasts environmental programmes to the Armenian Orthodox Church worldwide.

EcoCongregation An ecumenical Christian site linking environmental action with Christian faith.

Sustainable Tourism

Green Passport A UNEP resource to help individuals practice sustainable tourism

Ecotourism Website offering practical handbooks on Sustainable Tourism in English and Spanish versions.

Sustainable Tourism Downloadable book from UNEP includes helpful tools and practice examples.

Sustaining Tourism the resource page for ICARUS consultant Rachel Dodds has plenty of case studies and links to related websites.

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