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ZUG: Faith in Finance meeting Oct/Nov 2017 | ZUG: Agenda and presentations

ZUG: Agenda and presentations

Keynote speakers Elliott Harris and Gunnela Hahn

Faith in Finance meeting agenda

You can find links to all the presentations below.

LINK HERE for the latest press release, November 2, 2017

LINK HERE for Press Release, October 23, 2017



09.00: Introductions by Martin Palmer, Secretary General, ARC

09.15-10.45: How faith investment in environmental and sustainable development can support the UN’s sustainable development goals


  • Elliott Harris, Assistant Secretary General of the UN – Why the SDGs are based on investment and the role of the faiths
  • Gunnela Hahn, Church of Sweden – Faiths as potential investors in the environment and sustainable development


    11.15-12.30: Why do faiths take environmental and sustainable development seriously?

    Reflection: Bishop Walter Thomas, New Psalmist Baptist Church

  • Monowara Gani, Muslim Charities Forum – The Muslim perspective on the environment and sustainable development
  • Master Yang Shihua, China Daoist Association – The Daoist perspective on the environment and sustainable development
  • Rabbi Mark Goldsmith, Alyth Synagogue and Shoresh Charitable Trust – The Jewish perspective on the environment and sustainable development

    Buzz groups

    Reflection: Mr Luo Kexue, China Daoist Association

    13.30-15.00: How do you develop strategies for faith-consistent investing? Input from both faith investors and secular value-consistent investors

    Reflection: Dr Husna Ahmad, CEO, Global One

  • Saker Nusseibeh, CEO Hermes Investment Management – The necessity for values for the investing world. (Mr Nusseibeh's presentation was read by his colleague Andrew Parry)
  • Julie Hammerman, JLens – Faithful investing in the Jewish context
  • Amy Clarke, CEO of Tribe Impact Capital - What strategies should faith-consistent investing develop to be fully faith-consistent?
  • Shaunaka Rishi Das, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies – Sources of inspiration for Faith-consistent investing
  • George Latham, WHEB Group – Impact investing and intentionality: a holistic response

    Panel discussion

    15.30-16.45 The faiths as creators of investment opportunities. The focus will be on working with sacred cities and their infrastructure

    Reflection: Shaunaka Rishi Das, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

  • Christophe Nuttall, Executive Director, R20 – Sacred Cities: A vision of resilient faith-based communities
  • Yassin Maisikeli, Qadiriyyah Sufi Movement in Nigeria, Kano – Developing a modern Islamic pilgrimage city
  • Peter Head, CEO of Ecological Sequestration Trust/Founder and Chair of Resilience Brokers – Faiths as one of the five elements of building sustainable cities
  • Stuart Burgess and John Nyota, Chair & CEO of The Wesley, a Methodist-owned ethical hotel in London – How Christian values have driven the development of an ethical hotel chain

    Buzz groups

    16.45-17.45 New challenges and opportunities including fiduciary law, enabling trustees to pursue faith-consistent investing

  • Alice Garton, Senior Lawyer, Client Earth – Impact of recent changes in fiduciary law to allow Trustees to invest
  • Hadewych Kuiper, Triodos Investment Management – From risk-return to impact-risk-return: how to contribute to real transition as faith-consistent investors?
  • Victoria Hoskins, Rathbones Greenbank – Combining financial objectives with responding to campaigns


    19.15-22.00: Networking Dinners

    Elliott Harris, Assistant Secretary General of the UN – The vision of the SDGs – Faith, Finance and Civil Society, at the Zug Networking Dinner for ARC and the Swiss Impact Investment Association, hosted by the Canton and City of Zug

    Jamison Ervin, UNDPCities and Biodiversity: a 10 point action plan By 2030, up to 70% of people will live in cities. We are facing a projected increase in food demand of 35%, water by 40%, and energy by 50%, having a profound impact on the natural world: here is a plan to cope. The 10 actions are: DESIGN WELL… TRADE WELL… DRINK WELL…EAT WELL…BUY WELL… DISPOSE WELL… BREATHE WELL… REST WELL… EXPRESS WELL… BE WELL…

    Cardinal Peter Turkson


    09.00-10.45: The faith-consistent investment guidelines

    Reflection: Beth Sirull, Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

  • Summary of the previous day by William Heath, Senior Advisor to ARC: Where have we got to so far?.
  • Introduction by Mike Even, investment manager and senior advisor to ARC – Overview of the Zug Guidelines on Religions and Faith-consistent Investing

    Working groups on adapting, expanding and assisting faith-consistent investment through guidelines.

    11.15-12.15: Could there be a faiths-development bank? Are there sufficient areas of common agreement from within the faiths on faith-consistent investment?

    Reflection: Amaro Bikkhu, Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

  • Seamus Finn, ICCR – Working with diversity: the experience of ICCR
  • Richard Burrett, Earth Capital Partners – Broadening the impact of faiths as investors; working for an earth dividend
  • Monica Middleton, OikoCredit – Creating common agreements: the experience of working with a diversity of Christian traditions

    Buzz groups

    12.15-12.45: Cardinal Peter Turkson on Faith Finance and the Integrity of Human Development

    Reflection: Rajwant Singh, EcoSikh

    13.45-15.00 Building partnerships, networks and a potential platform

    Reflection: Masatsugu Okutani, Yabuhara Jinja

  • Christoph Stueckelberger, Geneva Agape Foundation – Creating the new faith-consistent investment platform
  • Richard Maitland, Sarasin – Creating a network of like-minded investment managers
  • Rhodri Samuel, Dartington Hall Trust – Creating an international centre for narratives and values – a home for the next Zug style events
  • Jean-Pierre Sweerts, MD, Water Financing Facility, Chairman of the Board DOB Equity – Philanthropy, Faith and Finance: A vision for the future

    Buzz groups

    15.30: Buses leave Lassalle Haus for the Launch of the guidelines in the Zug medieval city centre, with the Swiss Impact Investment Association

    16.00: Blessing at the Liebfrauenkirche, Church of Our Lady in Zug

    16.30 Procession with banners through the Old City to join SIIA

    17.00: FORMAL LAUNCH of the Guidelines in the Theatre Casino

    17.30-18.15: Networking

    Launch of The Zug Guidelines, Church of Our Lady


    09.30-12.30: Planning the future of the faith-consistent investment movement

    Reflection: Martin Palmer, ARC

  • Summary of the previous day by William Heath, Senior Advisor to ARC: Where have we got to so far?

    Working groups on planning the way forward:
  • Projects
  • Professional fund managers
  • Sophisticated investors
  • Trustees

  • Summary by Mike Even, investment manager and senior advisor to ARC – Emerging themes
  • Proposed structure - Christoph Stueckelberger, Geneva Agape Foundation – A suggested structure for consideration

    OUTCOME of the Faith in Finance meeting

    Delegates decided to create a new global alliance of the world’s major faiths aimed at shifting billions of dollars of faith-based investments into initiatives supporting sustainable development and the environment.

    Link to the press release.

    Swiss Impact Investment Association

    Around 250 members of the Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) held their second annual meeting in Zug, Switzerland, at the same time as the Faith in Finance meeting. Cardinal Turkson, UN Assistant Secretary General Elliott Harris, Martin Palmer of ARC and Jamison Elvin of UNDP all addressed the SIIA meeting, and delegates from Faith in Finance joined the SIIA meeting on October 31 to launch the Zug Guidelines. The SIIA has decided to make religions and impact investment an element of all of its meetings in future.

    Here is a link to the address by Jamison Elvin of UNDP on cities and biodiversity.

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    ZUG: Faith in Finance meeting
    Zug, Switzerland October 29 to November 1, 2017. More than 40 faith investment managers will discuss how to invest more positively in sustainable, ethical funds and companies.
    October 24, 2017:
    PRESS RELEASE: Faith groups using their investment funds to create a better world
    ZUG, SWITZERLAND: October 24, 2017: Financial investors and leaders of more than 30 different faith traditions representing over 500 faith investment groups from eight religions and around three trillion dollars in assets, will meet in Zug this month, together with representatives of the UN and some key ethical “impact” investment funds, for a unique international meeting on Faith in Finance.
    October 3, 2017:
    Major Catholic church funds to make record divestment from fossil fuels
    As more than 40 significant Catholic institutions pledge to make largest ever faith-based divestment, on the anniversary of the death of St Francis of Assisi, ARC prepares for a landmark meeting in Zug, where representatives from significant religious funds will discuss where they CAN put their investment wealth to make a better planet.