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Projects by region

ARC projects by region

Abuja Declaration
AFRICA: Africa Muslim Environment Network
AFRICA: Africa Muslim Environment Network FAQ
AFRICA: Faith-based education for sustainable development toolkit
Africa: Farming God's Way
Africa: Islamic Farming
African Faith Commitments for the Living Planet
African faith partners
ARC Africa Faiths Newsletters
ARC and Tree Aid workshop in Ghana
ARC holds agricultural workshop in Kenya
Eco-coffin project in South Africa
EGYPT: Cairo creates new public park
Faithful Farming
Prince Charles plants a mango tree in Tanzania
TANZANIA: Fishermen adopt Islamic eco principles
ZAMBIA: Forests and Orchards at Katibunga

Asia projects
ASIA: Asian Buddhist Network
CAMBODIA: Community forests
Cambodia: Monk and Environment Programme
CAMBODIA: Pagodas become eco-campaigners
CAMBODIA: Pagodas become eco-centres
Cambodia's pagodas become eco-centres
China - International Daoism Forums
China Daoist Ecology 8 Year Plan
CHINA: Buddhism helps urban conservation
CHINA: Daoism and Conservation workshops
CHINA: Emei Shan sacred mountains
CHINA: Five Peaks sacred mountains
CHINA: New Daoist Ecology Centre in China
CHINA: Protecting sacred mountains
CHINA: Reforming traditional medicine
China: Wildlife programmes
EAST TIMOR: Timor Verde Project
Green Kumbh Mela 2013
Green Pilgrimage Network - India Chapter
How to work with the Mongolian Buddhist Sanga
INDIA and UK: The Bhumi Project
INDIA: Hindu women and pilgrimage story and script
INDIA: Hindus restore sacred forests in Orissa
INDIA: Jains rebuild earthquake village
INDIA: Orissa Forests and their management
INDIA: Parsis recycle fire temple flower offerings
INDIA: Sikh Gurdwaras could use alternative energy
INDIA: Training and aid for rural women
INDIA: Zoroastrian sacred Baval groves
INDONESIA How Islamic Schools helped create a National Park
INDONESIA: Batak Christians clean up lake
Indonesia: Batak Church forestry in Sumatra
INDONESIA: Christian ecology
Indonesia: Multi-faith environment meeting
Indonesia: Toraja Church Forestry in Sulawesi
Ise 2014 - formal programme
Ise Jingu: The Grand Shrine at Ise
JAPAN: Shintos protect sacred forests
Laos: Asian Buddhist Network
MONGOLIA: a new thangka painting protecting nature
MONGOLIA: Buddhists and Environment Handbook 2009
MONGOLIA: Buddhists reintroduce hunting bans
MONGOLIA: Republishing ancient environmental texts
MONGOLIA: Restoring Geser Sum Buddhist monastery
MONGOLIA: Reviving Buddhist ecology
MONGOLIA: Uncovering lost sutras and sacred sites
Mumbai onion scandal hits India's poor
NEPAL: Hindus clean up sacred Bagmati River
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Christian declaration
Papua New Guinea: Theology of the Environment
SE ASIA: Buddhist Eco-Conference
THAILAND: Forest monks protect their forests
Thailand: Khorat Forest Conservation Project
THAILAND: Monks save Bangkok’s rare storks
The problem with mercy release
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Wildlife
Wildlife and Forests

Central & South America
LATAM: Benedictine Environmental Handbook
LATAM: Benedictine Handbook: Preface
MEXICO - A documentary of the Huichol pilgrimage
MEXICO - Golden Eagles and Sacred Sites
MEXICO: Huichol protect ancient pilgrimage route
MEXICO: Sacred Orchids and Sunday Palms

Arc Statement on Travel To Assisi
ARC Wins Fairtrade Thumbs Up
Assisi 2011
Canterbury Cathedral
Faith in Conservation: Lambeth Palace, Nov 2015
FRANCE: Orthodox reform forest laws
KALMYKIA: Buddhists revive ancient nature hunt
Living Churchyards
Paris Summit of Conscience for the Climate, July 2015
Quakers grow a sustainable community
Resources for Living Churchyard projects
St Albans - green pilgrimage city
SWEDEN: FSC Certification for Church forests
Trondheim GPN meeting 2013
UK Catholic Schools Eco-Newsletters
UK: A new route for the Walsingham pilgrimage
UK: Abercynon – a twentieth century shrine
UK: Buddhist garden in a former courthouse
UK: Celebrating Ashbrittle’s ancient yew
UK: Christian network promotes eco-awareness
UK: Creating a Celtic garden on Lindisfarne
UK: Creating a sacred garden in Leicester
UK: Hindu temple grounds in Birmingham
UK: How to start a Sacred Land project
UK: Jewish groups unite to protect the environment
UK: Liberal synagogues do environmental audit
UK: Manchester Diocese Environmental Policy
UK: New Cistercian pilgrimage trails mapped
UK: New life of inner city monastery in Manchester
UK: Planting yews for the Millennium
UK: Restoring the holy well of North Petherwyn
UK: Reviving an ancient rock shrine in Yorkshire
UK: Sacred Land poetry competition
UK: Shrophire’s ecological Orthodox monastery
UK: Sound of Many Waters, Catholic year of action
UK: World’s first centre for Islam and Ecology
Visby Faith & Forest Meeting: Programme
Visby: Faith and Forests

Middle East
LEBANON: Church protects “Valley of Saints”
LEBANON: Church protects endangered forests
SAUDI ARABIA: First national biosphere reserve

North America
CANADA: Catholics speak out for Columbia River
USA: Benedictines lead students in eco-action
USA: Churches fight global warming
USA: Faiths work together to use green energy
USA: Jewish community agriculture programme
USA: United Methodists $40bn ethical investments
USA: United Methodists say “no” to dioxins

ARC / World Bank Alliance
ARC holds fourth Faith in Food workshop in London
ARC's Sacred Gift programme
Aspects of Seven-Year Plans
Assisi 1986
Assisi 2011 on video
Catholics urged to give up meat on Fridays For Lent
Climate Change-related Migration
Club of Rome: ValuesQuest
Eco audit - Quick Guide
Education and Water
Faith in Finance: 3iG
Faith in food
Faith in Food news and newsletters
Faith in the Future: UN Bristol Meeting Sept 2015
Faith-consistent investment: FaithInvest
Handbooks & leaflets
How Faith schools & Water started
How to do your own energy audit
Inspiring food quotes
International Faith investment guidelines
International Religious Forestry Standard
International: ARC’s Sacred Land project
INTERNATIONAL: Green pilgrimage network
INTERNATIONAL: Green Pilgrimage Network newsletters
INTERNATIONAL: Long Term Faith Commitments
INTERNATIONAL: Most current projects list
INTERNATIONAL: Religious Forestry Standards
INTERNATIONAL: Religious Forests
Ise, Japan 2014
Latest news on the Seven-Year Plans
Launch of Green Pilgrimage Network
Long-term faith plans
Mapping sacred forests
NORWAY: Conference
People of faith urged to avoid 'cruelty' eggs
Religion and alternative economics
Stories of the Stranger
The Seven Stages of Pilgrimage
UN/ARC: eco-twinning model projects
ValuesQuest; Culture, Creativity and Values
What makes an effective project?
Windsor Celebration 2009
ZUG: Faith in Finance meeting Oct/Nov 2017

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